Number of coders flag

I’d like to see a flag that tells me how many active coders you have working on that title. This would tell me how long it would be before I could expect an update to any given game (and reduce the “when will xyz cheat be available?” spam)

There are normally one developer that are working on a trainer at the time from my understanding.
Not more.

By the way, most AAA games is made trainer for when it comes out.
Funded game is what people ask about time to time. Not really often.

Either way, estimations of when a trainer will be done made or when its updated its hard to give an estimation about either way. Since every game is different, security like anti cheat and such is different as well. So some games take longer time.
In the end, the developers have always something to update since of how many games that is Infinity already.

So yeah, if you want to know who are working on the trainer is normally the person that made the topic.
For the trainer you are thinking of.


If it’s a newer game, it’s generally within 24 hours. That’s because a lot of people are actively using it.

For an older game it usually takes the developers a bit longer, as they aren’t as popular.

Maybe some sort of status for requests could be added. Like pending approval, being worked on or rejected.

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Not really needed. It is best for people to assume games that are fully funded are being worked on and the only games that will be rejected are ones that can’t be modded, are online only, or are funded by a low amount of people.

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