O Magic's Black Ops 1 100% REAL Mod Menu

Hello HorizonMB! Today I am hosting a Black Ops 1 Mod Menu. This menu is the BEST!
My friends and I made this menu back in June. We are now letting you experience the awsomeness!
Please notice that there is a slight chance that you may get suspended. So join at your own risk.
Proof is coming soon!
To get in post your GT below.
I also do recoveries so if you want 1 HMU.
Have fun! :smile:
< 3


its a spaceman

Please invite me :smiley:

is this strictly zombies like the other people doing this? or can it be used in pvp gameplay also?

Looking forward to an invite!!

could you possibly do this for bo2 ? that would be awesome b cuz I don’t own bo1 :anguished: so if you could msg back and my GT is World Untamed

Please can you post proof soon as we don’t know if this is legit or not.

add me ASAP QnZ_Dj (xbox)