Oblivion Modded Settlement: Project Desolo

5/9/2011 - FINAL Version is Now Available!

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Plan on making a new trailer soon!

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What Is Project Desolo?

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For those of you who may not know, I started a project a while ago known as Project Paradise. Well due to a lot going on I obviously haven't been able to work on it at all. The announcement of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gave me the motivation to try to finish what I started. Due to Project Paradise being taken in a different direction by the community, I decided to rename, Project Desolo.

Project Desolo is a custom made settlement that will include anything and everything that anyone could want. For those of you who followed Project Paradise, my original project, it will be built directly off of that save. Unfortunately due to a computer crash, I have lost that construction set files of Project Paradise. So everything that has previously been completed cannot be edited, for the most part. Keep reading to find out what exactly is in Project Desolo.

Who’s the Character?

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Name: Project Desolo
Race: Dremora (Male)
Level: 1
Birthsign: Unassigned
Class: Unassigned
Stats: Not Maxed

What’s in the Inventory?

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From the beginning the only new items you have will be the following:

  • God Mode - UP on the D-Pad
  • Max Skills - LEFT on the D-Pad
  • Max Attributes - RIGHT on the D-Pad

“God Mode” has the following enchantments: 100% Reflect Damage, 100% Reflect Spell, 100% Resist Disease, 100% Resist Paralysis, and 100% Resist Poison.
“Max Skills” adds 100 points to each skill.
“Max Attributes” adds 1000000 points to each attribute except speed. 50 points is added to speed.

HOWEVER, once you reach the estate you will find many different weapons, armors, and clothing around. Here’s the entire list. NOTE: Most of the enchantments are POINTLESS. Unfortunately I could not remove the enchantments without destroying the weapon. So hex-edit the items to your liking!


  • Imperial Watch Armor
  • Imperial Palace Cuirass
  • Umaril’s Pouldrons - KOTN Required
  • Daedric Bracers - Same as “Bands of the Chosen” in Mankar Camoran’s Paradise


  • Wearable Amulet of Kings
  • Haskill’s Suit - SI Required
  • Thadon’s Robe - SI Required
  • Syl’s Dress - SI Required
  • Nocturnal’s Eye - 100% Chameleon
  • Shoes of the Traveler - Fortify Speed 100 Points


  • Great Welkynd Blade
  • Hell’s Dagger
  • Heaven’s Embrace
  • Clavisword - SI Required
  • Glaciaux
  • Skeleton Key Dagger
  • Quill of Burden
  • Aldexius - Identical in Appearance to Umbra


  • Bloco - Creates “Needs a key lock”
  • Anikto - Opens “Needs a key lock”
  • Mind Control - Command Humanoid 3600 secs and Fortify Health 1000 Points

What’s Inside the Estate?

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Items Cellar

  • Every “All-Item” Boxes Including Shivering Isles Boxes


  • Filled with Ingredients

Master Bedroom

  • Hidden Wall Safe
  • Misc. Items Scattered Around
  • 100 Unicorns in Chest

Mage’s Tower

  • Master Alchemy Equipment
  • Necromancer’s Amulet
  • Bloodworm Helm - Non-Quest Item
  • Hrormir’s Ice Staff - Original Icon
  • Enchanting and Spellingmaking Altars
  • Arch-Mage’s Ingredients Chest
  • 1K Black Soul Gems
  • 100 Nirnroots

Evil Liar

  • Necromancer’s Altar
  • 100 Beating Hearts - Mehrune’s Razor Required
  • 100 “Cure for Vampirism” Poitions
  • Vampirism Activation Tombstones
  • “Vamp Chow” NPC - He may have disappeared…

Trophy Room

  • Contains a majority of the modded items
  • Plenty of space to place items


  • Elder Scroll - Non-Quest Item
  • Mysterium Xarxes - Cannot Pick-Up
  • All Books Chest
  • Plenty of space to place books

Portal Room
Portals to the Following Locations, With Return Portals

  • All of the Other 7 Ownable Houses
  • Battlehorn Castle
  • Deepscorn Hollow
  • Frostcrag Spire
  • Dunbarrow Cove
  • Shivering Isles
  • Top of White Gold Tower

And of Course a Door to the Testing Hall!


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After waking up in the jail cell, you find a crumbled note. You quickly stash it in your pocket when you hear voices coming.


Notes and FAQ’s

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1. Dremora Race Glitch
DO NOT, change try to change to a female dremora. It will cause the game to crash. Enough said.

2. Glitched Auroran Greaves
Unfortunately, there was no way around this. Every time this item is equipped, it gets stretched all over the place. However, here are some tips to make it manageable. Equip everything else you want then exit the inventory. Go back and then equip the greaves. Now while playing in 3rd-Person, the item should just have one strand stretched to the ground. I KNOW this is annoying but I did not want to leave this item out.

3. Problems With Going Through Doors
This seems to be rare but once in a while after using the portals, or just being in the settlement for sometime, the game will crash when trying to walk out the front door. My only advice for this is to save often when inside in case of a crash.

4. Extra Items in Chest
[i]In the Master Bedroom there is a chest filled with unenchanted versions of all of the modded items. If you put these on display outside of a container, save, then reload, they will disappear.


1. How Do I Install It?
Rehash and Resign then transfer to your Xbox. If you don’t know how to do this search around, there are plenty of tutorials.

2. Where is the settlement/estate?
Go to the Shack for Sale in the Imperial Waterfront District and look for a trap door. The rest is self-explanatory.

Download and Final Thoughts

Thanks for all the support everyone has given! And hopefully if Skyrim is built the same way, you can all expect another save similar to this. Now ENJOY!


Please provide a Virus Scan.

I dont fully trust the download.


This is not a virus. -.-
It is the best Oblivion save that you will play.
This guy is an awesome Oblivion modder.

But if you insist:

Here’s the virus scan. Just for a little piece of mind.

Report - Antivirus online virus scan - viruschief.com

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Antivir: Nothing found
ArcaVir: Nothing found
AVG: Nothing found
BitDefender: Nothing found
VirusBlokAda32: Nothing found
VirusBuster: Nothing found

Report overview
Scanned by viruschief.com

Haha Alright I have trust now.

Thank you for putting up the scans though.



I have to give you cred 1st i didn’t think binds in oblivion were possible 2nd I <3 oblivion and i can tell you do 3rd this save is over all amazing :smiley:
good luck getting it out there

Woot. Something that’ll keep me busy while I wait for Skyrim. Thanks!

How does this work? I didn’t think you could map mod for xbox? Someone Elaborate.

You make the mod on PC using the construction set. Then using a method you can make it into a save game file. You can’t add new textures etc, obviously.

Well yea but, what is this “method”

Basically the same as How To Mod Like The Metal Doc but replace the Fallout things with Oblivion.

OK I don’t follow that tutorial. Any other places where a better tutorial can be found?