Obvious Newcomer is Obvious. But, Hi!

Hi, my name’s Mike, but you can call me TwoPhace, or Michael, or Chubby Tubby Dum-Dum, if you like. Whichever sounds better or takes less energy, I’m all for it. I love video games (duh), but also only recently got into PC gaming, but it’s definitely becoming a new hobby, especially with all the awesome mods and stuff that you can do for certain games. Always open to play with some friends, so if you want, hit me up on Steam @twophaceddubs and we can play whatever!

(also, if you have any recommendations for games I should play, that would be lovely as well, always looking for new stuff <3 my machine specs are below)

Alienware 13

  • Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz (turbo @ 2.7)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
  • 8GB RAM

Hi welcome to wemod you’ll have fun on here , nice place and ya we like to have fun too chubby tubby dum dum !

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Welcome Chubby Tubby Dum-Dum :wink:

Welcome Michael! Glad you decided to stop by.

G’day and welcome mate…
Glad you could join us Mike, Michael, TwoPhace & Chubby Tubby Dum-Dum
I hope all of your personalities find something they like here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to WeMod dude, errr, I mean Chubby Tubby Dum-Dum