Oddworld soulstorm

Hi is there any cheats for oddworld soulstorm if not can I make a request please has I don’t know how to do that many thanks in advance

Hello there! :slight_smile:

  • Games are added to WeMod’s library automatically when WeMod detects that enough WeModders have the game installed.
    You can search the library in the WeMod desktop app. Or by clicking here.

  • When it appears in the library, those interested in having a trainer made will need to click the “Notify Me” button. This helps the trainer developers to see how popular the game is via our queue system.

  • When the game has a certain amount of interest from the community, it will appear in the queue to be made, which you can see in the WeMod desktop app.

  • When it is in the queue, WeMod Pro members have the optional ability to bump the trainer further up the queue using their premium Pro currency, called Boosts.

Learn more about how trainers get made or updated here: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support