Of Orcs and Men Cheats Update

Upon reaching 2k: Ptondo of discord mentioned me here to asking if there would be a chance to add additional cheats to the trainer; for the game Of Orcs and Men.

“Additional”? It doesn’t have any cheats yet because a trainer for it has not yet been released on WeMod at the time of this post. However, since it has reached the required number of votes, it’ll be in the queue for the trainer developers to get around to making a trainer when they are able to.

But please do feel free to suggest some possible cheats for it in this thread, until it’s released. :slight_smile:

I moved your thread from the PC Gaming section of the forum to the Suggestions section.

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Thank you for reviewing, I was thinking something with strictly stats alone on Styx/Arkaïl as separate characters if that’s possible. As, money and health are easy to make; however, in the game’s mechanic infinite Rage/Focus might break the game if Unlimited health is enabled while the Orc Companion becomes enraged. (P.S.) This is from pior experience of playing the game on PS3.