Offensive Emblem? lol funny!

Well this guy has a funny emblem. Funniest one ive seen so far.

Open Me

I’ve seen a fair few emblems that look like that lol …

Mines a giant cherry penis :smile:

Why the **** did treyarch add that **** into CoD…

haha i have no idea man lol

Heart, Line, Shield, oval, Hand, line, tattoo. Lmao


wow lmao

Tastey LOL JK yea this is pretty stupid if they put this emblem on Black Ops :smiley:

lol mine looks like that. I will get a pic next time I’m on BO.

I go die now K?

thats pretty legit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got about 4 pictures already on my phone.

  1. Two hands on top of boobs (with a pierced nipple).
  2. Black hand with red grim reaper scythes put together to make a swastika.
  3. A man holding a horses ****.
  4. Penis with a fist on it.

I’m expecting much more.

People are funny.

pause not.

My friend’s emblem is a llama getting fisted lol
Idk why they thought custom emblems is ok. Why block clan tags if you can make your emblem a penis?

This has made my day, can’t wait until I get it tomorrow!

wow lol thats so dirty

my freinds emblem is a lion giving a dude a blowjob lol