Offering Pro Signatures :D

Hello Xboxmb members!
Im Toadz and im kinda of a new member here and i want to offer my signature skills.
I Have helped People Here in the Past, such as a 10th lobby and other problems.
Anyway if You Want a Signature Just Put:


Here Is an Example:

Text: Toadz
Gas Mask


Text: Aspired
Theme: Snowboarding

Text: Alizawrz
Theme: Electric Guitar.

I like your work.

Text: Skill
Theme: Modern Warfare 2

Text: Selena love Hateful
or <3 Selena
Theme: Selena Gomez

Text: Marley
Theme: Either Halo or Music, which-ever is easier, please :smiley:

I Will Do Everyone’s Request But It Might Take Time To Do Them Since Their is alot of Requests

theme= mudkipz

Text: Vital Pro
Theme: A bunch of coding like " Php.Echo:off" lol.
Or something like this …

[details=Open Me]

Uploaded with[/details]

Here Ya Go Aspired!
I Tried My Best on the theme.
if You Want Me To Redo Something I Will. :smiley:

Theme:A beautiful women(not Rhianna)
or if you can’t find a beautiful women do “Skrillex” them, because we all know Skrillex is god.

Very nice sigs man, keep up the good work!

Text: Pointz
Theme: Hearts

Imma boss.

Thank you.


Text:Chris Webby

Theme: Chris Webby

I like your work.
Lets try it out (:

Text: Befenix
Theme: Deadmau5

Text - Dubscribe
Theme -

Text: Kyle Iz Pro
Theme: Purple abstract

Thanks if you can get it done :smiley:

text: Your God
theme: God

Text: Smiffy
Theme: Gears of war (locust)

i want the scariest and meanest looking locust you can find. i am a big fan of therons, but it doesn’t have to be a theron.