Official Destiny Live Action Trailer

Epic as ****…

The Led Zeppelin song made this trailer 100x better haha

Looks amazing by the way.

This look insane

What am I supposed to do with my life for the next 4 days

Am I the only one who is considering being a Warlock now? Hunters are definitely the best IMO for PVP, but Warlocks look amazing!

Nope, still going with Hunter. I like how they look more than all of them. Warlock looks the worst IMO, and the arm band you can customize is barely noticeable. Bladedancer class is what I’m going for. Definitely will come in handy for Raids to dish out a lot of damage and quickly eliminate enemies.

Possibly another recruit for the Bands of Justice? :smiley:

Play Fez.

Destiny is 5 days away. You can count to 5 with 1 hand, not 2. Did I say Destiny is 5 days away?

@Killa Cam, I agree with you on the bladedancer move. Like in GTA, when I see pedestrians packed up together, I get energized all of a sudden and then I take out my rocket launcher to blow to bits.

It’s 4 days and 6 hours away from when this is getting posted. I’m not counting the few hours we have left today which is why I said there were only 4 days. Unless you’re living in an entirely different region from me you’re the one that needs to learn how to count on their fingers.

Errr mahh geerddd pure ecstacy that was an awesome ad