[Official] Rate The Person's Sig/Avatar Above You

you have rate at LEAST one of the two [Default being the sig.] to the person above you.
So if someone doesn’t have a sign then rate the Avatar, Otherwise the sig has to be rated first. :smiley:

[Example] (both):
Sig: ?/? OR (N/A) <- if not applicable
AND/OR (not needed to be included)
Avi: ?/? OR (N/A) <- if not applicable

(Personal note: I dont care much for my avi, I made that alot older then the sig, so I might eventually re-make my avi. lol)

Sig: 7/10 Simple but good
Avi: 2/10 some good effects but low quality.

lol yea figured as much :smile:

Sig: 7/10 (I liked it when I saw it the first time on horizon then saw alot more people using the same thing, but thats the point. a personalized sig)

Sig: 7/10 I like the userbar style :smile:
Avi: 5/10 It is alright

Sig: 9/10 I see bootee lol
Avi: 8/10 Goes great with the sig

yea the person no longer made em so I emulated 1 myself but i made it as personalized as possible, if your open to it, I wouldn’t mind you making me 1.


Likin the old school Horizon theme :smile:

6/10 for Sig


8/10 for sig

Sig: 7/10
Avi: 8/10 like the smoothness

Only thing is you cant see the smoke effects as this sites theme isn’t dark as was the old site.

Sig: old school Horizon, shows loyalty and dedication, plus it looks sick =] 8/10

Av: Is identical to one of the tattoo’s on in my sleeve =] 9/10

9/10 for the sig love the car:thumbsup:

3/10 for Avvy, sorry xD
8/10 for the sig. I dun get it.

avatar 5/10
sig 6/10 bit plain :smile:

Sig: 8/10
Avi: 6/10

7/10 Looks really kewl, alittle but old school pac man :wink:

Classic Midnight Club 2 car however… needs work on lighting and effects due to its size, get rid of the text try something more basic. As for your avatar, I wouldn’t really know. :-/

Edit: What the hell? Is it just me… but I think I’m seeing things your avatar and signature just changed in like two seconds after I posted. Oh well ignore my above post, Lol!

Sig: 7/10
Avatar: 5/10


sig-9000/10 cause i almost threw up from the flashing :\

Avatar 4/10, dont like it lol

Signature 7/10