[Official Release]XboxMB Theme v1

FIRST XBOX 360 THEME. :slight_smile:

Well it took 6-7 hours to make but it’s finally done. I hope you like it and remember it’s gonna have some problems and something which aren’t aligned perfectly I will fix them as I find them so bare with me.


Download Link -
XboxMB Theme By Dave
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Open Modio
Open your HDD/USB
Go to content then downloads(00000000000000) Then find a folder whats says Profile Data(f*******)
Then Skins
And place the file in there.
Turn on xbox 360

Screen Pictures not the best because it was taken with my vision cam

Open Me

Yes I can’t wait to test this :smiley:
You’re a natural Dave!

Sick! Im downloading right now.

Nice theme bro looks sick but next time dont use amcap lol thats annoying ill download and use :smiley:

You violated rule number 326.1 of paragraph 7, section 3.
Never make a tutorial that requires opening Modio.

Well no other program is better than modio’s explorer apart from Horizons which is disabled.

Nice downloading right now

uhm different uploiad site cuz mediafire says im not allowed to dl it

I like cody’s better.

Dave is their any templates already made which i can use and on topic

Amazing work you should make a nice abstract one

Sorry no templates. D: If there was it would of made my life soo much easier.

For the sake of your thread… You should prob just say “Open your Device Explorer…”

If you make a post like that please link. Kinda pointless statement otherwise

Sick thanx man

I love it bro, the only thing that bothers me is the thing that says it was made by you. you should put that some where else and just have it say XboxMB or something of that nature.


I might remove it.

Quick Bump.

Sick Theme!

You are pretty good at GFX I see, Nice job!


Nice i really like it!