Official Shuffle Thread

What is the shuffle?- [details=Open Me]The Melbourne shuffle is a style of dance, that originated in the late 1980s in the Melbourne underground scene. The basic movements in the dance are a fast heel-and-toe action with a style suitable for various types of electronic music. Some variants incorporate arm movements. It originated in Australia and has been gaining popularity on an international level. People who shuffle are usually referred to as shufflers.[/details]

Why should I start shuffling?- [details=Open Me] You should begin shuffling because it is easier to do as a teenager due to flexibility. This way as you get older you can already be able to do it and it will make things much easier. Everyone at school thinks shuffling is awesome. Personally the women love it. I did it during homeroom and everyone was asking me how I did it and how long it took. It will help you in life and over all it is extremely fun to do. [/details]

How can I get started?-[details=Open Me] You can get started by reading some basic tutorials and watching people on youtube. Try looking for a tutorial on how to do the running man, the T, and kicks and spins. These are basic moves that look very good. It might take you a week to master one of them, maybe a month. It is different for everyone and depends on how much you want to get good at it and how long you practice and how you practice. It took me a month to get good at the running man but now everyone calls me a “pro shuffler”. It just takes time. Do not get frustrated if you don’t get it at first. You might even be doing it wrong. Asking questions is key. [/details]

Why am I having such a hard time shuffling compared to others?- [details=Open Me] It may be just that you are having a hard time getting used to the movements or it might be something that you can fix, Try shuffling on a smooth surface such as tile or hard wood floor, carpet I do not recommend. Your body might be a bit too weak so I suggest jogging and sit ups if you are out of shape. [/details]

Why should I pick shuffling as the dance I choose?- [details=Open Me] I believe it is over-all t he best looking dance. Not a lot of people in the U.S and U.K can shuffle so this also will create popularity among yourself as none of your friends can do it. Also here is a video of the shuffle vs jumpstyle which is usually the two people choose their allegiance to.

In my opinion shuffling looks better than jumpstyle.[/details]

Where do people shuffle?- [details=Open Me] People shuffle almost anywhere, on the street, the sidewalk, raves, parties, school, and even work, anywhere, you name it. [/details]

What is hardstyle?- [details=Open Me] Hardstyle is a type of music used by shufflers when shuffling. It is known for its techo sound, strong beats, and rhythm. [/details]

What are phat pants?- [details=Open Me] Phat pants are a special type of pants that are fit around the waste and get wider as they go down. These are used by shufflers to help create the illusion that they are gliding on the ground. They can be very pricey but look nice and help when shuffling. If you can’t afford phat pants some long gym pants are always a nice alternative.

Here is a picture of the phat pants being worn


Tutorials- [details=Open Me]
How to do the running man

How to do the running man, the T step, and kicks and spins


Some Hardstyle Music- [details=Open Me]
Dark Oscillators- Sterophobia

Dark Oscillators- Super Star DJ


Have a question? Please comment below if you need an answer or any form of help!

what a stupid thread
this is a modding site not a dance site

This is also General Discussion where anything can be discussed.

I prefer jumpstyle it looks cooler.

Dam I wish I could do that.

Lol, dude its in general discussion…

its still a modding site though

Its still a general discussion forum though. Anything aslong as it bides by the rules can be posted here.

Also thanks Manga, I had the urge to listen to Scooter after viewing this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no reason to flame here, as I have said before it is against the rules for one, and secondly it just makes you look like a much less intelligent person than what you may really be.

As for this being a modding fourm, that is true, but you must keep in mind that this is “General Discussion” as many members have said above, thus anything within reason may be “Talked” about in this section. Even as the definition of the thread section states.

“Talk about anything that doesn’t have it’s own dedicated forum.”

So, please next time think about what you are about to post before you post it. You could just as easily have made a more constructive post and complimented him on his good work. I must say, from you’re actions so far, I have lost much respect for you. I don’t believe this is the best way to introduce yourself to a community either, and I am sure everyone will agree with me on that.

Other than that, Good work Manga, a well thought out thread indeed. I give you props, and I must say, keep up the good work. Contribution is key to a forums growth. I believe this community will continue to grow strong for months, and soon I am almost positive that we will rise to the top of them all. :smiley:

It’s a general discussion board on a modding site. What you’re posting is spam, by the way.

Odin and David, please keep it on topic. Your explanations are much appreciated, though.

Everyone else has to call me Manga, you and USNC might as well refer to me by my name.

And thanks I love shuffling.

Dougie is so much better. Just sayin. I’m attempting shuffling tomorrow. I’ll be rolilin.

dougie is for band-wagons.

The dougie is so win. So don’t be talkin **** about it.

Yeah it’s really awesome when everyone your around knows how to do it.
Helps you stand out!

Surprisingly, I bet nobody on this site can Dougie the right way. Ask Modified how good I am.

Why :\

You can dougie good I never said you couldn’t. But I’m just saying a lot of other people can and it is very known so even if you can do it, it isn’t that amazing.

Thizz dances? The hell?

A lot of people can’t dougie. They think they can, but they can’t. They suck at it. Same with shuffling. Except, dougie is more fun to say.

I don’t like how there is a song to it. It’s like the Cupid Shuffle :\