(Official) XboxMB BF3 Server 360

XboxMB Battlefield 3 Server
Conquest & Rush

We are currently looking for people to get the server populated so please join  I will try to get more servers for different gamemodes but I can't finance them all myself. Every cent helps, also message me on live if you join and ill make you a VIP and some admins. 

If you would like to help subscribe to diamond. 


- [Chris (Imminent)](https://www.wemod.com/members/chris/) 
- [sgt frankieboy](https://www.wemod.com/members/sgt-frankieboy/) 
- [lee74saurus r3x (Unobtrusiveness)](https://www.wemod.com/members/lee74saurus r3x/)

Map Rotation




Just a Quick F.A.Q So people do not need to ask for it.

Is this on the Xbox?
Yes this isn’t on the PC or PS3 (Pretty logic)

What Gametype is it?
The server is Conquest & Rush. It may change in the future.

Help! I can’t join
You require to have both of the updates. If you have both updates, make sure your NAT is open.

Sgt Frankieyoy.
Why aren’t I an admin, yet? :wink:

Honestly, have you ran the idea by Cheater for him to pay for the servers? I’m sure he would be willing(maybe) seeing as it’ll bring the community of XMB together a bit more.

He isn’t on and the option just came out. But yes when he gets on I would like to see. Also we are taking recommendations for settings such as map rotation and any other settings. We don’t really want to use presets

Can you list specific maps? I’m sure a lot of people are like me and only want to play the game WITH vehicles.
I wouldn’t mind if you did like, only maps that have Helicopters/Jets.
Maybe the occasional Operation Metro.
Also, is this Conquest, Rush, what?

Conquest for the WIN!

Conquest, I would like to get 2 more servers though. One for a HC gamemode and one more for a normal gamemode.

Yes you can change the maps to ones you want along with all the respawn times ect.

It’s not letting me join :anguished:.

Do you have both the new updates? You need both the server rental and other one.

Yes i have both.
One sec i’ll, just re-start my xbox.
Edit: Yay, it worked :smile:.

Here’s a video:

Servers are messed up right now :\ You can play before there is enough people

Shouldn’t that be an option? GATOR and I were hoping you can run servers and start the game without the required amount of people…
56% of this massive update… Dicemakes too big of updates :confused:.

Nope, there is still a minimum unless you do an unranked match.

Ya but the kills don’t count :p.

I clicked on this thinking it was for PC, there should be PC servers. I would love to play with the people on XMB #NoXbox

Do a lot of people play BF3 on the PC that come on XMB? O_o…

A Decent amount I have a bunch of people on my friends list

What are the prices

$65 for 90 days.

I don’t know the rest. I’m working on getting a little more business coming in for flashing then ill be able to have a few servers.