[Official]XboxMB GTA V Crew

As we get closer to the truly awaited GTA V I think we should have an official crew so users can play together and help cause chaos among the streets.

Anyone and everyone who is part of XboxMB is welcomed to join the crew and progress through the ranks. The more havoc people create the further they will progress up the hierarchy.


[INDENT]Supernovae - xSupernovae
Derek - MajesticPigeon
UnderCoverUzi - UnderCoverGLOCK
Nookie - XMB_Nookie[/INDENT]

[INDENT]StevieRox - StevieRox[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Hova - HtotheOVA
StevenWongo - stevenwongo[/INDENT]

The Muscle
[INDENT]sgt frankieboy - sgtfrankieboy
Jimmy - Jimmybob123
Derrick Rose - Derrick-Rose
Zooo - TheMrZoo
2FacedDevil - x2Face
EL1TExFURY - elitexfury
Halo 4 - Haloooooo4
iCMSx - littlerev
Undead - Parmersan
Esavage - xXESAVAGEXx
bertfantastic - Bertfantastic
symbolicz - Jyqolz
RVA - lReva_V
Nath - Influential
xboxhacks - xmb_brooksby
warhound - theFallenChaos
Joe_ - Joeshep1997
horney9389 - IHorney89
Zombee - knownSpongefruit
bigislander1 - BigNesto11
xKiLLa CaM - xKiLLaCaM
orbelon - RogueRa
xblakkx - BaDaZZBaMaBoY
rcb213 - Rcb213
SociallyCool - SociallyCool
keenkoopa - keenkoopa
Circle - Pieping
Dreamnation - iDarkgarza
Flippo - iFlippo
Charlie4point5 - AlphaKenzo
Preble - PrebleXMB
Fonceai - Fonceai
2DTheBeast - TheKingBX
ldprimo - XPRIMO28X
Wolverine79 - W0LVERINE79
zombieanator - Zombieanator
Michael - Standoff1
xSkatingM4ni4kx - puppet1590
Meguhtron - VW_Vortex
steveoh - Steveoh
Legitti - Legittti
paintlax21 - paintlax
reconzfury - reconzfury

When you join please post your R* username so I can add you to the list. Also keep an eye out on the Feed as you may find challenges and community events on the release of GTA V Online.

Want to design the emblem? We are always looking for suggestions and emblems to be used so feel free to submit any made.

Join Now!

funny…cheater told me there won’t be an official GTA V crew when I asked.

Shouldn’t you just consolidate the already-in-motion “unofficial” group into this?

Starting a new one with an Absolutism mindset would offend me, had I been the one that started and publicized the crew already.

I’ll join both until that’s worked out. So pumped for this game!

Amaaazing! Can’t wait for the Game. :slight_smile:
I mighttt join this group , not sure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is like a XMB Clan . x)

David, I’ve noticed that a lot of our staff don’t play games as often as others. I think the commissioners and higher up ranks should be held by those trustworthy and those that play.

I was thinking about doing that but with an official staff member as a leader it will allow us to properly manage it but I am not saying that the other user wasn’t going to. In my mind it makes it easier this way and I didn’t set out to offend the original user. Possibly host community events with staff, and possible rewards too and allows us to promote users to higher ranks based on how much they play and to ensure that there is no biased promotions within the crew.

Actually now that I think about it this is a good idea. I will update the thread.

Joined, should be a lot of fun to play with you guys once GTA comes out.
Rockstar username is: Jimmybob123

Joined the crew and My Rockstar username is Derrick-Rose

Rockstar username is TheMrZoo

I joined and my R* username is x2Face.

Joined my username is elitexfury

I’m in, Username is Haloooooo4

joined, username = littlerev

I joined :smile:.
User name: MOlSTURE

I joined, my username is Parmersan.


Joined - Bertfantastic

Joined, MajesticPigeon.

R* name = Jyqolz