Offline Mode?

exactly how? i found this page > but it hasn’t helped any.

it doesn’t matter if i load WeMod before or after disabling network adapter. every time i go into a trainer page for any previously played game, the cheats page just flashing and flashing. and while flashing i can see none of the keybindings are my custom set bind, is all default.

either way, i can’t seem to use properly while offline. my internet is very weak and not good for gaming or anything really. always lose connection. this makes the trainers difficult to use, because cheats state reset every time a connection is lost.

any ideas?


I have the same problem with borderlands 3. wish there would be a Tech reply

but it happens with every game. i just want to know how to use the WeMod offline, or how to use the the trainer without WeMod. anyone?

If you use the trainer once you should be able to use it offline until you shut your PC off

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but the trainer page just keeps flashing and flashing. and again, while flashing, i can see the keybindings are not the ones i set but the defaults. i can’t use the any trainer like this, it won’t let me. do i need to unlock Pro for offline mode?

Are you able to post screenshots either from your cell phone or the screen snip tool in Windows [START BUTTON + SHIFT + S]? This is definitely a strange issue that I haven’t seen before.

Also, Pro is not required for offline use of trainers :slight_smile:

i don’t know how to show it. it just keep flickering, like a strobe light.

Recorded a video of the flashing. Doesn’t let you press the play button or anything while it’s flashing rendering it unusable.


It just sits there trying to reload the page with the most recent trainer:

i want to report this too, this happen when i’m playing into the breach (wemod on my 2nd screen), this week my isp have a maintenance in neighborhood, so its annoying when my connection are constantly down…

i already played around 30min with wemod when connection down, so the theory to use it once and we can play it offline are not working

@ptondo @User_N4m3
WARNING This flicker can cause seizures for someone who have epilepsy

thank you

Thanks for the report!

One test you can do is open up a Command Prompt window and run a ping test to verify the issue isn’t sourced at the ISP level:


Once you open the CMD window, just type in Ping -t and it will perform a ping test to verify your connection isn’t dropping and reconnecting rapidly. I recommend running the test for at least five minutes for accurate results. To end the ping test, you can press CTRL + C and it will display a summary of total loss.

If you like, you can post a screenshot of the results to help with further troubleshooting.

I look forward to your response :slight_smile:

ok i will give more evidence in the night,
already recording my pc this morning and i will see the recording in the evening after going home,

tbh, i can see my ftth modem, so i know when the first problem occur instantly after the connection are dead because my steam are dead too, and it need around 1-2minute to back online

just want to make a point here, wemod will act strangely (flicker) if the connection are drop/dead and after the connection are back, it will back to normal with no flicker

update - as soon as the connection died, wemod will flickering like crazy,
WARNING This flicker can cause seizures for someone who have epilepsy

yes! that is the flashing~!

very annoying :frowning: how to fix? i just want to use offline :confused:

What is your ISP? I have a hunch you may have Google Fiber, but just want to make sure.

Frank is going to look into the issue as soon as he can. Until that can happen you will be unable to use WeMod offline.