Offline usage

does wemod work offline?
im about to loose my internet and i’d hate to loose all these awesome cheats

Yes, WeMod will work offline as long as you have used the trainer recently. After a certain amount of time, you will need to reconnect. I believe it is once ever 10-14 days.

doesnt help me out - im not bringing my home desktop pc to a friends just to log on just to use cheats - i miss standalone pc cheats

again why did cheat stand-alones use this format??
seems really stupid

Standalone trainers are detrimental to the trainer developer’s income, affecting their ability to pay their bills, because leeches would rip the trainers and host them on their own website where the trainer developer wasn’t able to get donations from those using the trainers.

They were also quite often repacked with malware, adware, browser hijackers, or crypto miners by the leeches. So not only were they detrimental to the trainer developer, but to your PC (and in the case of crypto miners - your electricity bill) as the user as well.

WeMod’s trainers on the other hand are protected against such shenanigans thanks to state-of-the-art encryption and security that makes them impossible to rip and re-upload with shady crap repackaged into them. WeMod in other words is providing you with safer cheats and providing their developers with a stable source of income to feed their families.

Maybe you could invest in a relatively cheap gaming laptop to take with you when you travel. Or your friend may have a spare PC lying about somewhere if you ask.