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I am currently Offline

Welcome to my thread. I saw aden doing this so I thought if I’m playing these games why not share it with everyone who is a part of this community who doesn’t have the ability to play these games yet. If you have any comments or concerns leave them below via reply and I’ll reply back to you asap.

Current Game:

Click the image below to connect! Remember to check the link periodically if the stream goes down!

Nothing to click on.

No link to click to watch.

Edit- I’m watching now :smile:

What are you using to stream ? Twitch and J.tv will come in with an admin and tell you shut it down or they will

Updated sorry about that.

Awesome thank you, I’ve been wanting to see more of this game!

No problem!

stealing my ideas huh…

jk haha but i haven’t had any problems when streaming, either with halo 4 or asssssins creed

then again i only ever have 2-4 people watching haha

You got banned for streaming a unreleased game :s

From what I seen the game looks pretty cool :smiley:


The Admin took the video down lol. Again again :smiley:

They are a**holes.

I told ya. They’re whoring the hell out of it. It’s like Microsoft and how crazily they were banning people playing Halo 4

Create a new account then link us. :wink:

Time to create a new account and start over :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time i’ll watch.

Updating in a second

Back up check OP!

I am waiting for a admin to ban you again :laughing:

what are you using to stream? like are you using xsplit or what?

xsplit and Arcsoft

Now Online with Halo 4