oG / Rare / Awesome Gamertag's Not Yet Taken

First off, happy Holidays to everyone.

I’m about to change my Gamertag & need some ideas, if anyone has any ideas or knows of any good GT’s please post below.

Love, Frosty

PsycO Goes Hard.

Title is misleading. OHMYFCKINGSHT

XMB Frosty
XMB Stays Frosty
Stay Frosty XMB
I Stay Frosty

I would post other gamertags but usually they all get taken and are silver accounts with a guy attempting to sell it. So stick with one of these.

I Stay Frosty

Off topic: your avatar is awesome.

On Topic: I’m not taking creds to this, but this guy made an awesome batch file gamertag finder. It should help you out. https://www.wemod.com/forum/2-xbox-360-discussion/17838-batch-gamertag-checker.html

Loving Frosty :smile:

hmmm, your asking for OGs huh? I thought u were giving them away… very misleading


misleading title…

When 3 people say it, you don’t need too…

Just put in random 3 characters…

I can see the mini-mod task force is here.

k? How is that mini modding? Did i say “OMG THIS IS MISLEADING MOD PLEASE CLOSE THIS.” You just spamming telling people “When 3 people say it you dont need to.” is more of a mini mod then what i said. Plus i was on this thread before it had any comments so when i did right mine i saw that it updated so i changed it.

No, PsycO is trollin

Nah, I was being serious, I just don’t reply to stupidity.

olawd, and so the flaming begins…

jus playing homie.


you should make it “Mike Hunt” - say it out loud :smile:


OMG SPAM?!?!?!


oh wait.


Sorry had to get that outta’ the way.

-Frosty Tips
-Frosty WiiWii? lol
-Boss Frost

Lol, I’m bored. :stuck_out_tongue:

Misleading title