Ok just banned for modding fifa 12 vp

oh yeah and im also banned from bf3 on the pc since it was linked to the same account why the **** didnt i pirate that sh!t game anyway

so i just got out of the chat with the spastics at ea and gues what my fellow banned ITS PERMANENT i have a chat log i will share later but this is what fifa studios said

“Account is banned per FIFA studio The account was banned for VP Cheating DO NOT OVERTUR OR TRANSFER PERSONA!!!”

pr!cks just about somes it all up i had just invested in beast of gaming pc for bf3 and now iv been ripped off heres the chat log save you time if your thinking about going this route they will not unban or give in so theres nothing to do

My name is Ashley how may I help you?
you: hello
you: i just went on to fifa 12 to see my account is now banned
Ashley: May I have the email please?
you: yes…
you: [EMAIL=“lynchy4664-@-.com”]lynchy4664-@-.com
Ashley: Thank you, one moment please so that I may pull up the account.
you: very unfair
Ashley: You are wanting the account unbanned?
Ashley: Have you contacted about this before?
you: no this is my first time contacting ea support
you: so is it a permanent ban or temporary?
You are now ready to chat with Ashley.
you: no email has been sent to me stating why or for how long just that i should contact support
you: i have put in well over 250 euro worth of content on ultimate team and i have pc games linked to the same account any offense on my part does not warrant me losing out on being able to play another game on another platform just becasue the account is linked between
Ashley: I see, I’m sorry but for Banned account nothing can be removed, added, or changed on the account. That would mean personas can’t be moved, the account can’t be deleted, or anything.
Ashley: I’m sorry but this ban is permanent for this account.you: you cannot be serious fine tell me what i have done to deserve this
Ashley: Would you like the full note that is on the account?
you: last night i was playing fifa 12 pro ranked match and i dint choose my position instead i just let music blair into my headset then i lost connection is that why i am banned
you: yes…
Ashley: "Account is banned per FIFA studio The account was banned for VP Cheating DO NOT OVERTUR OR TRANSFER PERSONA!!!"
you: im not denying or admitting to virtual pro cheating but does that warrant a loss of 250 euro of content and a pc game (bf3) i just purchased?
Ashley: I’m sorry but the account is banned and unfortunately nothing on the account can be moved.
you: and permanent without even first a warning is ridiculous for a first time offender
Ashley: If you are cheating or hacking you do not get a warning.
you: iv been playing ea games for years and have never before been cautioned or reprimanded for any abuse
Ashley: I’m sorry, however I have explained the issue and limitations on your banned account.
Ashley: Is there anything not related I can assist you with?
you: so 250 euro of fifa ultimate team wasted
you: yes…
Ashley: Does it have to do with the games on the account?
you: yes it is on the same ea account
you: what about games i have purchased for pc that are linked to the same account is there any way i can recover them i mean thats a full game i can no longer access because of this
Ashley: Is there anything I can assist you with that is NOT related to the banned account?
you: yes i cannot access bf3 anymore
you: i cannot log in
Ashley: That is because the game is on a banned account. Once again nothing can be changed on a Banned account.
you: that is ridiculous i want a refund i paid for a GAME not an account
you: they have nothing to do with each other
Ashley: I’m sorry but the game is on a banned account.you: so…
Ashley: I’m sorry but no I will not be able to.
you: ok forget about ea i purchased fifa fut gold packs through microsoft marketplace now my EA account is banned i want a refund for all those packs
Ashley: If you do not have any issues that Do NOT relate to this account or anything on the account I would like to help. However if there is nothing else you may disconnect at this time. If you keep requesting assistance about the account and what is on it I will have to disconnect the chat.
you: why do you think im talking to you im talking to you about the banned account !!!
you: what do i need to do to get my account unbanned and why is it im reading some people who have been recently banned have only been banned for 3 months
how come my ban isnt temporary
Ashley: Thank you, however you keep requesting information that I have already given you. I will be disconnecting the chat at this time. If you need more infomation on why you were banned I did provide you the exact note on the account.
Ashley: I hope you have a great night. Thank you for contacting EA. Goodbye for now.
you: **** off

The chat session has ended. Please contact us again if you need further help.

Well, you sure handled it really maturely ending it with a “**** off”.
You modded, you got the worst possible outcome of modding your game.
Live with it - You took a chance, so suck it up.

Also, you’d notice there’s 50 other threads about the same thing. No need for this one.

Edit: LOLOLOLOLOLOL You ask to get a refund on the game OR on the msp you spent? lol. Hilarious.

no need for this this is my version dont be such a condescending little ***** i have every right to share and about sucking it up yeah i have nu bloody choice but suck it up but this didnt happen last year it happen 15 minutes ago EXCUSE ME FOR BEING HUMAN AND GETTING ANGRY

WOW, can anyone else understand that? No grammar whatsoever, making that almost impossible to understand.

… There’s always a chance of a ban with modding, don’t get mad if you get banned. If you do get mad when you’re banned then stop modding.

Really? Lrn2comma.

Well that was a bit more understandable than his, am i right? lol

dude i could give a shot whether YOU understand me or not get off your high horse mr grammar police and see that sore sharp pointy stick hangin behind ya ease it out a tad

modding always have a change of a ban, “WE ALL KNOW THIS IS GONNA COME SOON OR LATER” caps on for blind people.

You took a risk on modding. You got banned. It sucks, but it happens and its your fault.
I’ve been console banned a few times, but I don’t make rage threads. I know the risk that came as soon as I decided to mod it.
I can live with it, so can you.

I’m permanently banned, this is why I would never pay £17 for 3 months of Diamond, lol. Imagine all you gutted people who payed! Mannnnnn

Sucks that you got banned. Glad you came here to vent your frustration. Life goes on make a new account … Close ?

Go Make A New Account And Dont Mod It Thats How Easy As That.

Well you sir must be very mad that you got banned because YOU took the risk of modding and you got caught sucks to be you doesn’t it? Also i have bought diamond for over a year straight now and i honestly love it not because of all the perks i get because I’m supporting the devs and helping pay for the cost of keeping XboxMB up and running.

Diamond is never a waste of money.

Give this lady a freakin’ medal.
Funny that you asked for a refund.

Whoever is the idiot saying mannnnnnnnnnn for all of those people who payed for three months… We payed for it because we love the website, not the tool. I also got banned, but you don’t see me getting pissed off live with it, your xbox 360 comes with two extra accounts, use them.

I did. I never got banned ONCE in the THREE years I’ve been modding.

Only reason I’m not Diamond anymore is my Xbox broke and credit card got cancelled so payments could no longer be made.

Wanna know how to not get banned?

Only Way to NOT get Banned!

Be smart.

this isnt a complaining website get your sh*t and take it some where else

I agree if u mod theres the chance but to be honest there were a lot of people on here advising that u wont get banned. EA dont give out bans, no-one got banned on Fifa 11 so u wont be banned on 12 and so on.

BTW I havent been banned.

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Absolutely… and I also haven’t been banned… I’ve been all out with my 99 everywhere… :smile: