App Horizon

Ok so like what now


ok so i downloaded horizon did literally everything like transferring the save and gamer profile and all that jush. i downloaded the mods and everything now my issue is either im going to the wrong sites or winrar is not doing its job lol. cause basically i keep getting. invalid signature type detected for the loaded package. halting reading.please make sure the file is a valid xbox360 xcontent package. soooo my question is lol im i doing this right cause the sites i used were and or is it my winrar :confused: . cause after i run the downloaded mods through winrar it either becomes a esp or a bsa file so im confused XD


Those mods are for PC only. There is no way to install mods like that on Xbox without a modified console.


oohhhhh lol wikihow lied to me then XD. so there isnt a site thatll give me xbox 360 mods then bummer :(.


Well if they said you can mod the "one " then ya they lied. You can mod games still with horizon for the 360 only


lol oops i should have mentioned that owo’’’ i was trying to use it on my 360 i was confused because on youtube (then again those videos are old lol) it worked so i was thinking if i was doing something wrong or the source i was getting the mods from was wrong