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Old gamer, new to the forum :D

Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I’ve been PC/Console gaming since around 1978, yes I am old haha. I play mostly PC now, but hop on the PS4 and Xbox One S every now and then to play with my grandchildren. In the very first days of online competition I was hugely involved. Lot’s of UT, Warcraft 2, Age of Empires 2 tourneys.

Eventually got recruited by a clan called ‘The Devastation’ when Enemy Territory came out. Once I joined, I competed in many other games, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Vietnam, just to name a couple.

Long story short, because of health problems and other complications, that caused me to become physically disabled, I was no longer skilled enough to compete wit even the worst of competitions. I actually gave up gaming for quite a few years, but once a gamer always a gamer.

So about 7 years ago, maybe 8, I decided to give it a try again. I knew I couldn’t compete, but the joy of gaming kept me around and also, it made a big impact on my happiness or lack there of. I still wanted to compete and gave it a try, but it was a disaster.

So I kept on playing single player games and really had a blast, but my disabilities kept me from playing harder games, harder difficulties or even finishing games at all.

So one evening a couple years ago, while playing a game I desperately wanted to finish, but was unable to do so, not because the game was hard, but I was unable to react and play in a nature that would allow me to progress, I looked for a trainer.

I’ve always loved games with deep stories and for the most part, with a lot of games, that’s what attracted me to them. In my search, I found WeMod. I was unsure of it at first. I remember seeing things kind of similar back in the day, and they were almost always full of Addware, Spyware, Virus’ and all that, so I decided to research.

After feeling confident it wasn’t a trap, I gave it a try. Now, I don’t everyone’s story but, this changed my life. I was able to finish so many games I had given up on because of my disabilities and quitting was a hard pill to swallow. But now, now I could make it through, finish the story and complete the game. For me, it was life changing, it brought back new life to gaming for me, it brought back the fun, the immersion, the story driven aspects which I loved so much I could now finish.

I know I sound like some stupid old sap, telling a long winded story, but bringing the joy of gaming back into my life, was a huge deal. I feel happy again for the first time in a long time. I look forward to waking up every morning, with a new challenge in front of me. These are feelings I no longer had and thought I would never feel again, but WeMod changed that for me.

So there, that’s my story :smiley:

Side note: I am also a longtime musician and the author of some published short stories and a book.

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Hi welcome to wemod ya us oldies still play , me too to say how old I am I bought Nintendo new at the store and saved all my old systems and games
But ya wemod helped me in a lot of games too. So spoiled I wont buy a game unless we have a trainer for it ! But ya glad you found us and tried us out.
Thanks for being a pro member to !

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