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Old games and old updates


Sup! I understand that the creators of many trainer and updates are busy with new games! But plz dont forget the old ones.

For ex, Total War: Rome II, Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

People still play these old games.

Hope I dont upset anyone!



KCD needs an update?

Also making this thread is useless because you can vote for an update.


The thing is, its not useless. U took the time to give me an answer! So thx man! (Y)
Have a great one!

And yeah, it need an update!


Lol. People don’t like me answering, they want action.



The issue is when it takes 2,000 votes to update an old game very few play.


they need more creators lol


did you try using cheat engine it is easy


yeah some times the values are pain in the ass to find and if it encrypted it is “F” word in the ass i always give up when it is encrypted