Old, JTAG-able 360

I have in my possession an original 360 (no HDMI port) but it has RROD (all 4 quadrants are red) and I was wondering if anyone knows of a person or place who could repair and/or JTAG my console. I’m not sure what dashboard version is on the console because my friend (who isn’t tech savy) had it and gave it to me years after it broke down for a small wad of cash because he at least knew it was “JTAG-able.” If anyone can help that would be awesome but I understand that it’s been over 11 years since this console came out and people may have jumped ship on this stuff by now.
I also have a newer 360 PRO that has an overheating issue but it has the newest dashboard and the HDMI port.

Thanks in advance!

All consoles can be RGH/JTAG/RJTAG so throw it in the trash because by the time it gets reballed it will be more expensive than just buying a used 360 and having it done.

right so who is a reputable JTAGer I can have do the labor for me? I can FIND websites online but I want some recommendations, the internet can be a sketchy place.

@Element18592 you still doing this?

That is owned by a long time member and beta tester from here. Umm other than that just go on TTG or Team Xecuter and look for a verified seller.


Still doing it. Actually in the middle of an install now. @GhostMop If you want to purchase from me you can buy a pre-modded console, or purchase a retail slim console then send it in to me to be exploited. PM me for more details if you are interested.


Thank you all for your help! I’ll likely contact you (@Element18592 ) once I have more $$$$$$$$$ saved up, just wanted to do some fact finding first.

Sounds good man.

so basically i forgot i said this