Old School Commentaries

Post some of you’re favorite / inspiring os commentaries. This one especially helped open my eyes a lot and gave me a better understanding of life.

I’m sorry but I can’t stand this guy

What but SeaNanners is one of the most liked people from the original Machinema Team. I must buy you some Glasses so you can realize it’s not Frosty Jordan… lel

Don’t know who that is. I just can’t stand his personality

Too positive? lel

Too annoying

This is FrostyJordan and he can’t think of original ideas (like pronouncing his name) but is overall a wretched commentator.

I like Darksydephil

Why U no like me?

Dat 360p lol but I like NoBodyEpic his Awkwaed Situations are awesome

No one likes you here. Your commentary is terrible

I love Nobody and the Crew. :smiley:

Alright, I’ll just go back to my other forums where people aren’t ****** bags

“your” forums? We’re not ****** bags, you’re just a trash commentator that keeps posting trash.

Ok, IRL you’re just a keyboard warrior getting mad at another person trying to make some content on youtube. You talking trash to me about my videos is not going to affect me in any way and is not gaining you anything but a laugh. IRL I would beat your ass and break your neck but sadly this is the internet. Give someone a mask and they will show their true self. You would not say this to my face IRL because you are either a fat piece of **** or a scrawny twig, either way I would break your neck for disrespecting me, Ryan.

xJawz before his drug addiction was pretty entertaining.

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