Old Timer AF

Hey Guys,

A lot of you guys nowadays wont remember me… I doubt the majority of you guys are XBOXMB vet’s still.

Any vets still out there!?

I havent been on here in years and just recently realised its changed so much from XboxMB to HorizonMB and now WeMod.

Crazy ■■■■.


I was around when it was xboxmb, though I didn’t really post anything. But welcome back?

There are quite a few old timers still around. I can’t say I remember your name though.

Either way, welcome back! If you haven’t used Infinity yet, definitely check it out.

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I have been here since the Atarimb era, what’s up!

j/k, but i’ve been for a year now. Welcome back Hybrinity!

Welcome back, dont know you though.
Hope you stay around now then and check out Infinity

I was a Vet but i lost my account and don’t even have the email to the account

Hello there. Always nice to see people pop in from 7 years ago. Welcome back!

Thats right. 7 Years. I think i was active until sort of late 2014 or just before xbox one came out and xbox modding started to revert to 360 as the xbox one didnt have anything going for it. :smiley:

Got tonnes of high activity posts from back in the day love going back through them!

Actually remember doing a lot of work with DAVE and JACK. Seen an old name i remembered and that was cheater912.