Old Timers

The requirements for the “Old Timer” user title have changed! If your account was registered in 2010 or before, you now have the title :smile:

Yes! I have been waiting for this moment. Thanks cheater!

Nice :smiley:
I made it by about 3 weeks

Make it 6-09-11 :smile:

No. :wink:

Glad to see the requirements have changed. It seems I was late by about 2 years.

Missed it by 3 weeks :smile:

All Dem Ranks… I feel like Modified.

RIP captain badges

damn :expressionless:

Sweet! Finally get it! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome I always wanted the badge.

Cool got the badge.

I got it Amazing work cheater I wouldn’t mind being horizon pro :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome, thanks cheater!

DaleUK you hacked into the site just to get your badges so your complaint is invalid.

Thanks Cheater912.

Sorry you aren’t that special.

Where is my old timer badge :cry:

Were you not registered on Horizon360.net anyway?

Yay! Finally have a title:’)

I missed it by a day…

Thanks Cheater!