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Old Timers


Woo finally an Old Timer <3


too many oldtimers now killed the badge if anything good thing i dont come on this site anymore. to many people have this oldtimer badge now should of been and kept for the original old members. want a different badge naow


Well like you said since its a good thing you don’t come you wont need a new badge :stuck_out_tongue:


I assume it doesn’t show for people in the Beta Tester group?


Nope, I asked Cheater regarding it and other badges showing, and he said he’d think about adding it for us.
I guess he decided against it, it’s probably to make the Beta Testers stand out more and seem prominent for some reason.


Next year B*tches.


Lucky for some :stuck_out_tongue: I am early 2011.


I’m back just been busy for a bit


I’ve just logged in for the first time in years… Whats up :joy: