App Horizon

Old Timers


Maybe because you guys are beta testers?


This sucks lol, I joined on January 1st of 2011, I missed the requirement by a day. :anguished:


Pretty cool!!! I got it :smiley:


Nice! :smile:


yay! :smiley: though idk i feel like should have already had somehing along the linea of that but i could be wrong…what were the original requirments if i may ask?


You had to have signed to horizon or whatever it was


nice ty

you must have signed up on Horizon360 before a certain date. Can’t remember the date, the thread it was in has been taken down.


Awesome news, you’re changing a lot of features and it seems to only be for the better. Awesome job! Keep up the fantastic work and exciting new updates.


Damn, i liked the way it was before.


YAY! Glad to see it has been changed :smile:


Ohh cool im a old timer now. Makes me feel old tho haha.


Seems fair considering its now 2013, 3 Years is a long time lol!


Nice addition.

I don’t seem to be an old timer. Gosh darn it Cheater.


Thanks Cheater!!
Been waiting for this for ages


Great addition to the site Cheater. I’m liking all the change that’s happening. I now finally have a second user group.


Thanks (: looks like I made the cut! Cheers and to many more years of XboxMB!


nope, 4 months late :anguished:


Bang Bang lets go!

EDIT: Wish the badges were still on the site :anguished:


Yea i am a older timer but now i feel old lol. Thanks Cheater912


I am an old member of the community. Oh yes.