App Horizon

Old Timers


Nice I like the Old timers tag its pretty cool.
I only visited today to rant about Horizon not updating.
Omg someone thanked me :laughing:
Your my hero


I’m an Old Timer now heuheu, nice.


True to that I was elite06 on there but yea everyone growing up and busy now, there’s probably only a select few of us left which sux .


Woah this doesn’t make me special anymore… what do the pioneers of get? :*(


The gift of knowledge


kingtyzftw will always live on.


Dang it! I’ve wanted that title forever and I’m so close, but yet so far :anguished:


I’m still here, growing old sucks.


Cheater I’m kinda pissesed give me a new badge please this isent fair


Missed the deadline by a month! darn :confused:


I am now an oldfag


I’ve known you the longest out of every member. Before I even started modding :smiley:


awhhhhhhhhhhh fwennnnnndssssssssssssssss :smile:



lol u guise r elderly


OT: Nice change, guys, glad to see the people who stuck around so very long get what they definitely deserve.


CodTool blog original reporting in.


jk lol:D


Gtfo Newfag < 3


Yay, now I have two badges.


Gutted, I was 2011, ahh well!


Site looking epic haven’t been on here in a while keep it up XD