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Old Timers


Lol im an old timer.


Feels good to know I’ve been apart of such a great community for so long even though I haven’t posted alot!


Old farts…lol


Then promote him already :smiley:


How times flies… I remember in January 2010 all the big modding sites, TTG, se7ensins etc had a massive influx of new member due to the new JTAG hack blowing up, those members, always asking for MW2 10th prestige lobbies and challenge lobbies, were known as Jan 2010 noobs, now they’re Old Timers lololol.


Wow I wish I would have joined sooner.


Epic dog…I DGAF if thats off topic


It’s great to be an old timer!


Missed out by 11 months :cry:


Dang I feel old…


aww yiss! my time to shine!


Damn I’m a year out, I guess the member title isn’t really relevant but I don’t think accounts registered in 2010 and before should get the title if they’ve proven to be very inactive, they aren’t really “old timers”, just my two cents.


Wish i was here long enough to get old timer :smile:


Yeee boi! Thanks Cheater!


Those god damn Jan 2010 noobs haha… It’s crazy how quickly it’s all gone by. But I think the influx around here was actually Feb/Jan of 2011.


Totally unrelated and off topic but jesusssss, I stopped coming here when you was still an Smod, how times change.


Wow that was a long time ago haha. I mean it feels like it’s been a while since I retired from being a V Mod, and that was only September.


You’d literally only been an SMod for a couple of months when I left for a while, only just really “came back” this last week or so as well haha. Think I still have a few expired warnings from you for the childish nonsense I got up to being 15/16 with a e-penis hard as nails.


I remember all those times… Even being among the top posting on ModdedWarfare, great times :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember waiting for XMB to open! I would check every day :wink: