One-armed robber Cheats and Trainer for Steam

pls add function “add heist coins”

The unlimited money doesnt work

So, this game support a anti-cheat and can I get banned, or everything is alright ?

Update the unlimited money module so it works with skills, please.


Whenever I use the No police spawn option, swat still spawns in. Any way to fix that?

The One-armed robber cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Good mod, but whenever i purchase skills, my money will go down, and police still spawn, but dont spawn when in multiplayer

WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer or co-op game modes. If the mods work in multiplayer it is not intended and we are not responsible for any consequences that may result from using the trainers online.

Police and SWAT still spawn after being alerted in singleplayer/private lobby.

Hi! Have you followed/checked the instructions on that specific mod?

That… isn’t even an instruction, just info on what it does. But I’ve tried multiple times, one with mod deactivated until caught, one with mod activated after starting, and one with mod activated before starting. None worked.

Oh It’s still an instruction since you might need to get caught to prevent the SWAT from showing up. Kindly reinstall the trainer by clicking DOWNLOAD TRAINER at the top of the forum discussion and see if it works.

Could they make the guards and people not detect them?

why does the unlimited money mod not work

Hi there! Since there’s a description specific to the mod, it might be worth mentioning. Have you also attempted launching the game initially on steam, waiting until you can freely navigate within the game world, and then opening the mods by clicking PLAY on WeMod App?

i have not i will try that thx

I think you can add a cheat like when you press right click to an item the item teleports to your base.

the infinite money cheat doesnt work

Hi there! May I know if you have followed the instructions below?

works i used