One free gamertag change?

I was looking around and went to Edit Profile and click on How to change your gamertag and this page came up:

So when the new dashboard maybe you will get one free gamertag change like stated in this thread:

too bad i used mine too

I’m never changing my gamertag. :smiley:

Said I used mine to :confused:

Maybe it doesn’t fully start till the new Dashboard comes out. Maybe then you an do it.

I was like yes? We can change or Gt for free now? Then I saw all the replys and was like awwhhh.

I just made a new email for an account on and it generated me a gamertag randomly like said in the link I posted. The GT is: ScruffyStew0 and now it gives me the option to.

yes i know i post this about the dashbaord it’s because you dont get to pick your gamertag anymore

I think it means you have one opportunity to change it if you get complaints filed.

I’ve apparently already used mine, because I had complaints filed and had to change 1 time.

no it’s because you dont get to pick your name anymore

you see that you get 1 free name change to change it

if you got to pick your name then you cant change it so this only happens if you make a new account from the day the new dashboard comes out


No it because the new dashboard picks ur gamertag so only them people who gets a a new account on it that dont pick there gamertag get’s it i already posted this