One of the best Destiny farming locations

  • This is also good for increasing Cryptarch rank

Use Black Wax Idols to gain more glimmer
Auto Rifles make it go much faster
Play on level 9 even if you are level 20+ IMO it doesn’t matter what level you are because you end up getting the same gear

Here is another video if you do not like the first one:

Holy **** nice find Hemps I’ll check this out.

Hell yeah. Going to try this out later tonight or tomorrow. Just got my copy today.

It works very well, been doing it for the past 2 hours

Thanks for the share!

No offense to you guys, but farming is a waste. If you want the best armor & weapons get rank 3 of Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, ect. This is only good if you want to upgrade guns and armor. But if you want the best of the best, Marks is where its at. When farming, you’re just gonna keep getting that same uncommon armor or blue armor that turns green when decrypted or the items that’s worse than the ones you have.

Once you get done farming, your friends will have went up a vanguard or crucible rank and will be purchasing legendaries all over the place.

This would also help level up characters very fast and your grimoire score will also go up with all of the kills you get,

Ok wtf do I do do I finish the whole mission then restart or what???

You have to go to that point in the mission and kill everything(if you want) except the knights because it will cause a checkpoint, then just let whoever is left kill you and it’ll spawn you right in front of the door every time.

EDIT: Nevermind. This looks pretty damn awesome.

What mission is this?!

If im not mistaken its strike mission on the moon at level 9 The Dark Beyond which is the top story mission on the moon. Also do this at level 9.

Did this for an hour and got 9 rare engrams and 7000 glimmer. When I went to the cryptarch though I didn’t get anything good though, most of them were just greens. Got a legendary engram for leveling cryptarch to 5 but got a rare hand cannon :anguished:

It’s been pretty random honestly, there have been people that have got a legendary or 2 and even exotics. You pretty much just have to have some good luck.

and this levels you up??? because i have been at this for an hour, and i am still a 21 the yellow bar has not moved…i thought you only leveled up is by playing Strike, Crucible or wearing a higher light armor

To level past 20 you need Light on your armor, you cannot level up with XP anymore.

So far after an hour iv’e received:
2 Legendary Engrams
11 Rare Engrams
15+ Uncommon Engrams

Ive been doing pretty good on this run I get a ****load of greens and about 9-12 blues an hour but its really only luck id recommend to farm this if you want strange coins as its the fastest way to get blues atm I got 3 from this so far.

1 hour and 30 minutes I got
1 Legendary
14 Rare

and 3 legendary engrams and 4 rare engrams from leveling when decrypting items.
I like this spot, my new favourite.

That moment when you decrypt a legendary engram and you get a rare gun hand canon :anguished:

It’s annoying as hell, and more when you get a green one from a legendary engram