One Piece World seeker

would like to see a trainer for One Piece World Seeker with stuff like unlimited health, skill points, haki gauge and stuff like that

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You need to vote for it

Yes where can i vote for it

You can use WePoints to buy tokens. The tokens are used to vote for new trainers or needed updates for existing ones. Pro members get a monthly allotment of tokens for voting as well as the ability to use the remote app on you smartphone.

Strange that the WeMod application doesn’t list how many WePoints to buy tokens. Looks more like a cash-grab to me.

WeMod does show you how many WePoints per vote

Wow, that’s a really horrid color choice and I totally did not see it. I just assumed it had more to do with the tokens.

Chris beat me to it, but all you have to do is click the “Add More” next to the tokens icon and that screen Chris showed pops up.