Online vendettas? Has anyone used Wemods for them?

Without repercussions? I know you could on Shadow of Mordor. Also what if you used wemods to build yourself up then turned them off before you went into multiplayer. Could you still get banned then? Thank you for your help!!

Can’t give any opinions on multiplayer but ya I would say mod stuff go online get banned
I know I wouldn’t

If it effects multiplayer, yes you can be banned. There is nothing in Infinity that protects you from being banned.

do you get banned from the game or just the online portion?

What if someone comes into my game? Then what?

You would need to be online and connected to a server for someone to be able to join your game.

Well I have been online just not doing any multiplayer stuff. So what I’m asking is could I get into trouble if someone comes into my game while I’m using mods?

Multiplayer is still multiplayer even though you are the only one in the server. Tampering with anything that touches online risks getting you banned.

So do you guys go offline in steam before you play with mods?

No just don’t do online activities like invading someone else. I’m not sure how it works when someone invades you but if the two of you are in the same game I would say you risk a ban. Just block the game from connecting or pull your ethernet if you are worried.