(OPEN) - Ultimate Demolition Boosting - [70K XP / 8k CP]



Ever wanted to boost in black ops?

Now you can, I’m planning on making this a consistent thread that will be open/closed everyday till I/we get bored.

When the boosting is open I will change the title to “Ultimate Demolition boosting [Open]”,when its closed/I go offline it will change to “[Closed]” And when I need players for next lobby I will change it to “[Reserve]”

I plan on getting a consistent team to boost, I will not have any friends to do this with me as they plan on being legit.

I’ll be boosting on Team tac, It’ll be a big boosting lobby on demolition, which will reward you with 40-70k XP per game and over 9,000 CoD Points, which in my opinon is alot of XP/CoD Points per game.

If you want to boost post your gamertag below and I’ll try to invite you. If you don’t get invited don’t flame.

To boost with me you’ll need a mic and 2 controllers*

How we’ll do it?
All rules will be explained when you join the party.
My method works 97% of the time.[/size]

Please THANK The Topic I Take a lot of Time to Do this :thumbsup:



Invite me

I want to get 50 by tommarow !


Revurt v3

Deleted Gamertag name from forums* Edited:26/10/10

zDaaaaryL XMB

xninja plz

You bought Gov? from umm i forgot it was either Energy or Dean

Showtek II


added you invite when ever i guess :confused:

PM Me! Im selling my black ops on monday, so i wanna get some beast rank before that

i got 8 controllers, 2 360’s one black ops


iE X o 7 ii K

I will boost, Ive got 2 wired controllers, and Several Gold accs. My gt is D e v i i

invite me

GT:- Weed

GT = Lewis6317

if anyone fancy doing some now add me

send a FR to McClarnan ill be home in an hour.


What the hell… I’ll give it a shot.