(OPEN) - Ultimate Demolition Boosting - [70K XP / 8k CP]

Ecko Razer sent you a friend request, but I forgot to read the rest of the post and I am ready to go!

i would like in tom. (the day after thanksgiving) 11/26/2010
GT: xVIPx AC130
i will send u a friend request tommorow

ii Monkee

my gamertag is (kiDDxFYL)

McClarnan Add Please!!

my GT is EcKo BuLLeTz. I sent you a friend request, i’m ready to boost :smiley:

I will go ahead and boost with ya


LLama what press are you?

Pro RushHD

Mr FluffStuff

gt is freaky m00
cant hear people unless their friends :confused:

inv>>>>> Ngga 4 Dead


MwC Snake Eyes

My GT= Ecko Razer

Secret Cobraz

lekgolo104 :smiley:

actually traded it with a friend.

gues add each other then we can get more sesions in :smiley: GT - Lewis6317