OpTic Gaming's Font download! Plus TUT

What’s up XboxMB!

A LOT of people look for OpTic Gaming’s font so i have found it and will provide a download. Also, Ill provide a tutorial on how to put it on to your computer.

Download link: OpTicGamingFont.rar
Password: acehdiimoddedrushv2

1.When you download and open the .Rar up you will see this

  1. Your going to want to extract the text file to your desktop

3.After you do that you will see “OpTicGamingFont.ttf” on your desktop.

  1. Now go to “Computer” then “Local Disk” then “Windows” then find the “Fonts” file.

  1. Drag the " OpTic Gaming’s Font" file into “Fonts” folder.

DONE! Now it will show up in your paint and Photoshop as “Xirod” which what the font is called. Enjoy!

Cool! Will use this

You can also double click the font once on the desktop and click install.

C00L thx for posting this could be really helpful for WANNA_BE"S?FANBOYS
but thx for posting


Nice Font,You Should Give Us A TUT On How To Make It Look Like The Actual Logo.

I’ll post what I make with it in a bit (when I’m done)

Wow dude i Didn’t think of that i might do it

Thnx man been looking for this :thumbsup:

Your welcome! :smiley: