Ori and the Will of the Wisps Cheats and Trainer for Steam

unlimited spirit light does not seem to work and the video posted above doesn’t show how to use it correctly.

edit: never mind I’m and idiot

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New here, so I’m not sure if its me or the system.
Cannot get any cheats to function as I would have thought them to run.
Using a pre-WeMod save (Big Dumb Spider that kills you over and over again)
Turned on: Unlimited Health
Unlimited Energy
Unlimited Life Cells
Unlimited Energy Cells
All at once and in varying combinations with no effect to gameplay. Closed down both game and interface and reopened, turning each option on and off. Still not the desired Effect.
Tried starting new game, no improvement. Did notice infinite exp.
Why is this so hard for me?

i do hear the sound of the keys when i turn them on but nothing is happning

Is your game bought from the steam store ?
Check in history under play button make sure top newest trainer is selected
And also could be your antivirus too.

Does not work!!!

Unlimited Jump does not work and why is there no keystone cheat this time?

I don’t know why, it worked well at first. But since July 4th, when using it, the game would break down and show a unity warning.

Would it be possible to make a “no damage” feature? Mostly for the spirit trial in baur’s reach. I find it impossible to make it on time.

What worked for me is to turn on uUnlimited Spirit Light and then aquire one in the game and the it will be activated.Hope it helps