OtakuSe7eN's Monster Save Thread (1000+ Mod Tools and Gamesaves)


Otaku Se7eN’s Monster Xbox 360 Modding Thread



My mediafire got banned, and I had no backup of the folder, so I’m slowly trying to re upload everything to filefactory, sorry for the inconvenience, but I just lost 1000s of non replaceable files so I feel pretty ****ty too.


- Download From my 1000+ Gamesaves, Mod tools, modding Files -

- Request Saves or Mod tools that are out there but you can’t find them -

- PM me or post anything you think may be a good addition to the collection -

[/b][size=25][b]- If you really want certain files Virus Scanned, Post which ones and I'll post a VirusTotal Link -[/b][/size][b]

My Modding Collection (1000+Mod Tools, Gamesaves, and even a few tutorials:


Tips for finding things quick:
Use the Search bar, just type in keywords

About Virus Scanning:

[details=Open Me]
If you want ANY of these files Virus Scanned Before Downloading because of suspicions of any kind, I recommend VirusTotal, feel free to post the results and what file is what. Some of them (xex tool, superaisons resigner, GTA Tool) are KNOWN positives to some virus scans.) But I’m not trying to scan over 1000 files.But I will scan some if people really want me to. [/details]

Holy Christ that’s a lot. Amazing post! I would recommend posting a virus scan though, kids are tedious now a day.

So he need 1000 virus scans??

All of them are tools/saves I downloaded and used myself, nothings just downloaded and re-upped. I can’t really say I want to virus scan and link 1000+ files. If any seem suspicious, let me know which ones, I’ll virus scan them myself, and post the link.

Great post bro, i’m going to have a gander now.

Virtually one big archive of anything you could need to mod on 360. Purfect!

Thread re-opened.

Feel free to make requests, I saw another thread looking for a Fable 3 Save for the books collecting achievement so I’m uploading it now.

Fight Night Round 4 modded save is there even one?

I’ve never seen a modded one, but here’s this:



Open Me

it is the retire as a hall of famer etc achievements.

Just win 1 fight. i choose that morrison guy cos he is easy. Then once finished and won the match. go and retire and voila u should get the cheevos

tried on a dummy account and worked so hopefully it will work lol.

thanks guys please try

edit: ok i just used this file and after i had retired. i went to fight now and played a game and unlocked lods of achievements.

amazing, thanks bud

thats alot,thanks tho