Other game inifnity wemod not work

Hi guys after the mass effect Andromeda now i find problems in Crysis 3 i use unlimited ammo not work ammo finish need search for them Unlimited energy i need whait for refill infinity nano suit is not even infinity game i use is with crack really is the second game wemod infinity act like that both with latest versions patch and cracks.

We do not support cracked games. You will need to purchase them through official distributors for us to look into the issue.

Ok the how the convo is go about crysis 3 and crack

ChrisCommunity Manager13m
We do not support cracked games. You will need to purchase them through official distributors for us to look into the issue.

And for mass effect andromeda in my other post

STNTrainer Maker3d
Do you have the origin version?

No is cracked then mayby need other trainer then infinity work only for originals and no cracked ?

STNTrainer Maker3d
He means the game version. If i remember correctly, 1.09 was the latest

Didn’t say for Andromeda not support and is cracked and all work perfect in some of my cracked games
I need to know if i can use for all cracked games or no to choose to know if continue use or no until know didnt find any problems exept the crysis 3 that time and need answer from higher stuff know the trainer better ty and good night and happy holidays

Okay first of all its very confusing as to what you are saying.

But long story short. Cracked games are not supported. If they work you’re lucky if they don’t no one can really help you

I have many cracked games and all work now about luck is bit impossible work 5 games all 2017 cracked still i waiting answer from higher stuff ty.

Mods is to get advantage to game is way to cheat a game crack or no is use for one purpose ty.

O yes and is not story if you read is comvo i post from andromeda post i make when i have problem and fixed and now i have bit same in crysis 3 .

It seems like you don’t understand what we’re saying.

Cracked games CAN work but are not officially supported which means if they do not work the devs won’t fix it.
Only things you can do is getting the exact newest version.
Also I don’t know what you mean by Waiting answer from higher stuff if you mean you want an answer from someone high up Chris gave you one.

Whell i dont understand even that you say
first : Cracked games are not supported.
Later : Cracked games CAN work but are not officially supported
You can say that from begin than say not supported.
Yes i get my answer i search in google for older games im not the only one have same problems with similar games
Ty all and gn happy holidays post can close ty

Cracked games are not supported does not mean they can’t work.
It just means if they don’t work no one will help you.

I added the can work to clarify it.

Is ok i try find the newer patch to make it work

Every game is different. Some games have cracked versions that are up to date with steam versions - these are usually proper final release games that don’t update as much and are rare to find these days. Then the majority of games are alpha products that are updated almost minute by minute basis on steam and so it is obviously impossible to get a cracked version that is up to date with steam.

Get good at pirating and try to find a version that is as close to steam version as possible or exactly like steam version. Or just buy the game, if you like a game so much that you can play it for more than 5 minutes, i think it deserves to be bought!

Mass Effect Andromeda has no cracked version that is up to date with Origin, Crysis 3 is the same i believe. The other games that you found working were because you had the same version as steam or origin or whatever.

I hope this clears it up for you. I will not intentionaly go and downgrade a trainer for cracked version especially when majority of people want trainers for latest versions and my whole life revolves around that actually more than pushing new trainers :S

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Didnt ask for downgrade or upgrade and yes your answer is more clear and better ty and yes the prolem is with patch i find newer make update my game now all work fine :slight_smile:

Now i find the whay i go stuck and use it is one software easy simple orginise :smiley:

No mess with fake trainers or files delete due av find it suspicius :slight_smile:

Ty and close the post i get a nice clear answer :smiley: