Overlord mods?

Does anyone know of any modtools for the minion souls? I want to max out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve looked everywhere for a game save editor and I have found these Overlord 1 save game editor - Megaupload Search but I’m not a member on any of the sites to download them. Can anyone either provide a save editor or a way around the membership?

Those sites are usually fake. Don’t trust’em. Give me a minute or two. I’ll edit when I find one.
EDIT: I can only find Overlord 2. Can’t even find a simple hex tut.

If you can’t find a SaveGame Editor, you could always fill out a suggestion form for Horizon.

Horizon Suggestions - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards

I know, same for me.

HA, right. It’s not in popular demand. I highly doubt that’ll ever get approved. Good idea though.

need to have OVERLORD to mod

Is it possible to mod the game? I really want to have max health horde and all that…