Ownster Pking [562/604] Runescape Private Server [Webclient]

Hosting an Runescape Private Server.

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Ownster Pking Client.rar
I may do an spawn weekend soon.

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Status IMG.

Server Source: Nozscape

Can i get mod/admin?

Cool! im gonna play now havent played rsps in a while.

Maybe Mod.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

wait u can run rs on private server?

I’m bored so I’ll play.

cant connect to server

i remember i always used to play these like 2 years ago i am going to hop on just to check it out.

Open and STill :laughing::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Play Now it is Online and is Always Online unless power outage or something,

Open Open Open Open Open Open

dibbs on mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

opening web cilent

if you let me be a mod i’ll join and make a youtube video :smile:

whats this?

The cache so you can play the server…

And why are people saying: GIMMER MOD AND I’LL PLAY!

Just play and maybe he’ll promote you if you deserve it or if you have experience.

because i could play the real game or help out while being a mod, i’m not going to earn it for a server that could shutdown anytime :smile:

lol i agree if you have experience you should be promoted just dont ask for it you beggers out there

no offense but that is rly boring

Open Open Open Open with Updates Better Items.

Fixing Server Up More …