Oxygen Not Included trainer?

It has alpha on steam
i dont know what else to say
i just want to make it so the duplicants dont live in their own poop

Making trainers for alpha really isn’t a good idea. They generally have at least 1 update a week which makes it extremely hard for us to keep up with it.

  • The constant spam of users that the trainer needs updates every 5 min is annoying but like Chris said wait till the game gets out and then you can request it and vote for it

alright, my bad, ill wait

actually this game has been in the same update for a while

Now dont get me wrong i love infity but… i find a bit weird no one has done oxygen not included who aggres

Game is not even released and it’s in alpha which means it will get updated right after i make a trainer making it useless. You can request it here though, if it gets even half funded i will make a trainer.