Pacific Drive Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Just Use the Fling trainer on his site as it offers more/better and working options.


That project is dead I think )-:

Excellent suggestion, crazymic79, works like a charm, thank you!

I don’t understand why they don’t just incorporate Flings trainers, he does a better job then most of the devs here except maybe MAF, they seem to be pretty comparable.


Car health for sure not working, player health, speed and jump are working
EDIT: Never mind, just read that it does not protect car parts, so basically it does nothing at all since that is all of the cars health… So I guess everything is working, although I don’t understand what the point of non part protecting car health is…

Are they other good trainer for pacific drive?

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One of the modders for the program has his own site, go to flingreainer.

Loving the trainer! think we could get an item amount or infinite crafting materials? Thanks a ton

Thank you for the trainer, as has been posted before, this is very limited for what the game offers.

I have now found a trainer with 40 different option which is a lot more useful which includes fuel, battery energy invincibility and car invincibility.