Paleo Pines Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@Rhyken Thanks for the report. It should be working properly now.

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Fair enough, I’m probably just spoiled by Nexus

Just wanted to pop in and mention that the auto-water crops function isn’t working

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Christ. Just realized that trying to gather 3 Star crops for 3 Star cooking is really frustrating because of the degradation after the season ends.

I’d love to see a “Change Quality” or hell, even “Freeze Crop Quality” though I’m not sure that would be easy to keep frozen when starting up again and keeping it from going back down by 1 or down to 0.

Kinda just killed the fun of farming to see it literally waste away. Not really something any other game like Rune Factory or Harvest Moon does afaik 0-o

It seems multiple things have become outdated or no longer working, such as movement multiplier, set inventory amount, infinite watering can water, and automatic crop watering. Since the game had a recent update, it might be why.

Hey! Love the cheats! Thank you so much!

One thing. I noticed my duplicate first item option no longer works for some reason… Idk if you know how to fix that but it’s be really nice :>

So my duplicate item hot key was working fine, and then it just randomly stopped working for literally everything. Just makes a weird thump sound, like an item that can’t be duplicated cause it’s special, but for everything, and it’s really really weird… It’s also really really annyoing :')

All my other keys work fine. I don’t understand.

Also yeah, this is Paleo Pines on steam, lovely dino game.

Hello! The mods work great, thank you!

Are all the colors of all the rare types included in the Force Dino Rarity? I have been through a dozen days and I can’t get the game to spawn the second color variant of a few dinos. It’ll only spawn the first color pattern but not the second. Like the Ankylosaurus Ultra Rare Pride color but only the variant with the pink top, not the white. Or the Styracosaurus Uncommon Blueberry Muffin color but only the variant with the blue face, not the purple face.

Seems awesome so far, but does using it disable steam achievements?

Sadly, an update is needed. Some of the mod options don’t work. Still usable though for the ones that do work!

The Paleo Pines cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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The “set item” cheat doesn’t work still, but the others seem to be working!

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Actually works on my end. If you are referring to the “Set First Inventory Slot Item Amount” --this will only be applied to the first item in your inventory.

I understand, I’ve been bringing up the menu, closing the menu, hovering my mouse over the first item, all while changing the cheat value up and down for any changes. I’ve even uninstalled the game and reinstalled with no result. I’ve moved items around to and from the upper left item slot and no dice.