Palworld Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Game keeps crashing when using wemod.

Yeah, crashed on startup with WeMod. Now WeMod doesn’t even show Palworld as being installed and says “Add Game” now. Never seen that one before.

Edit: Looks like a Steam issue. The latest update on the game may have borked things. Did a file integrity check and it won’t allow the 1 missing file to download. Says “Disk Write Error”.

Great to see my suggestion was added!

Infinite Pal Health doesn’t work while mounted on the pal.

It seems a few cheats currently aren’t working as of the moment (for me.)
“Instant acceleration, walking speed multiplier and set jump height multiplier don’t acknowledge key presses.”
“Massive work speed for player and Instant Egg Hatching” get stuck on permanetly until you close game out and restart WeMod."

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Mod reccomendations?
“Spawn any pal.”
“Attack damage multiplier”
"Riding mount speed multiplier.:
“Flying mount speed multiplier”

I have no clue how hard it is for mods to be made, so if my reccomendations are absurd, forgive the blissful ignorance."


Just wanted to drop in here because I feel like a positive post can go a long way :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the work you’ve done on this so far! It works like a dream for me, though I use only a few and only on a few games (I have some where I don’t mod at all for different experiences and challenges). It’s made a hell of a difference to the enjoyment of the game, especially as I’m a disabled gamer so sometimes switching on the Infinite Player Health is great for the days I can’t dodge fast enough, or the Massive Work Speed when I either can’t pay attention well or can’t hold down the key presses long enough makes all the difference.

Thank you so much for making things just a little more accessible and - not even taking that into account - more fun to play the game (and any others you mod for)! I hope you have a grand day and get to play and enjoy the same games you build these mods for.


I full heartedly agree with this as well. I’m a disabled gamer too and WeMod has honestly been a godsend and has made it so I can enjoy playing games I love again even as I’m slowly losing function in my hands and dealing with low reaction times.

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technology points aren’t working right now

Once you pump them up once, you usually have enough for everything. Not sure if you had tried before to add them.

NVM. it wasnt working yesterday but now its fine. sorry false alarm lol