Palworld Cheats and Trainer for Steam

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It should be working now.

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Great work and thank you for all the amazing work you all do. Is it possible to add a Food Not Spoil option?

might want to re-update the mods again, game got a hotfix today

Don’t use the Everyone Can Be Captured option and capture a boss. You’ll break the game lmao. Said 0% chance but captured the first boss in the tower and the battle never ended.

That’s fine. You can always use the ‘Respawn’ option from the Pause Menu. The Items you have will drop in front of the Tower, and you can come back pick them up.


I believe the latest patch on 2/29/24 has blocked the modded game from opening in wemod. my application has said loading mods for the last 8 hours and never actually launched the game

That is caused by something on your network stopping WeMod from downloading the trainer.

100 % chance capture, should be client sided not for everyone no ? Cause its not precise for this parameter. (like [Player] Work speed / [All] Work speed
Btw set techpts/ancienttechpt/lifmunk not working when we are on hosted version, Im playing with my friend and this is not working, when he disconnect still not working, but when I relaunch alone its working. Is it normal ?

WeMod isn’t meant to be used in multiplayer for any game, so there’s no guarantee anything will work correctly (or even work at all) outside of single player.

I talk about self hosting not dedicate server, thats why im asking a staff.

The trainer is for single-player use only. If you are not alone/someone can enter your world, then it is not considered single-player.

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ich wollte mal frage, ob vielleicht auch mal ein Update kommen wird, welches es ermöglicht sich auch Online auf Server etwas behilflich seien zu können, mit WeMod?


Just a FYI, the [Sel. Item] Set Amount will bug you eggs if you try to duplicate them. Any eggs with a item counter on the right bottom of the icon will not hatch.


Game has been updated of 4/3, Mods need retesting again.


4/4Today’s update has rendered many cheats unusable.

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Many of the cheats since the update no longer function. The trainer needs to be updated. Thanks for the hard work put in so far!

With the release of the new raid boss, I would like to suggest the inclusion of a “Damage Multiplier” option.

A chance to swiftly and efficiently take it (and any future raid bosses) down.

Edit: Nevermind. Found out that if you catch it (with 100% Capture Chance and Everyone Can Be Captured), the game will consider the battle a victory and reward you with your loot.

The Palworld cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Hi there my game keeps crashing now every time I put it on with the mod but it works fantastic without the mod I’m confused I restart wemod and still doesn’t work it keeps crashing and I don’t know why? Is there any chance you can do something? Because I was looking forward to play Palworld with the mods on thanks xx

Tested the updated trainer, and the No Item Weight one doesn’t do what it used to do- now it makes your player’s max Weight stat 0 rather than making items weight nothing.