Pathfinder: Kingmaker Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I have been using the wemod for a few weeks now without incident, been very useful!

Yesterday though I encountered an error. I accidentally activated the super stats and didn’t notice until later. But when I went to turn it off, two of the characters act as if it is still on. Basically my first two characters (Valerie and my PC) have super stats, and the rest have normal stats. Is there a way to fix it so they all have normal stats or is my saved game bugged and either I continue as is (or find an older saved game without it and redo portions?)?

Thanks for the help!

None of the cheats work for me.

Just bought the game and none of the cheats work.

If you get a chance, please look into this.

Thank you


Looks like the unlimited spells only works on some of my characters, I think its just the ones I created myself that it doesn’t work on, seems to work fine for the games own characters

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Actually, looking at it now, its morel like certain classes have the unlimited spells and others dont.
Bard and Inquisitor it seems to work for so far

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The only mod i can get to work that i know of is mega exp, is there a certain way to get them to work?

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Seems some of the cheats are broken. They turn on, but do not go into effect. The ones I tried was infinite health, spell uses, weight.

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Hi, sorry vut it doesn’t work :confused:
Is it possible to update it please

Still broken pretty much nothing works please fix.

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Decided to give the game a whirl, normally the trainers from Mr. Antifun are great and work. This one presently is not working. Unsure why, latest version postates latest game update.

For those who say it is working, do you have a trick like when you open the trainer etc?

Unlimited Health and Weight both don’t seem to function. Unlimited BP works, and Super Stats works. I would recommend against the latter since it sets the stats to 999.

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Unlimited Health doesn’t seem to work any more.
Unlimited Weight worked at the start of the game, but now it automatically turns itself off and won’t reactivate so I can’t get it to work any more.
Unlimited Spells is the only thing I’ve tried that still works flawlessly.
Super Stats does absolutely nothing even when following instructions to the letter.

I haven’t tried the other features.

This is what doesnt work for me.

The mods are just failing to load. The game may have been updated since last update.

Advice on unlimited weight cheat:

Start your save file first with the mod off. Then the game will say you are carrying too much stuff. This is when you activate the mod.

If you start the game with the mod activated, it will bug out and turn itself off or just fail entirely.

As for the other mods, I am not sure how to fix those myself. However you can buy BP with money, and you have infinite money cheat.