PavCraft - Survival / Creative / Hardcore - 24/7 Uptime! [1.2.5]

Survival / Creative / Hardcore Server!

Server Details

• 100 Player (s)
• 24/7
• Survival
• No Lag
• Economy, plus Shop.
• Multiple Worlds
• 5.5 Gigabytes of RAM

Server Status:Online

Server IP:

Staff Members:


Pavman (pavman23)







User - For anyone that joins the server.

VIP - Anyone who donates at least $5.

VIP+ - Anyone who donates $15 or more.

Moderator - Show unique talent and follow the rules.

Admin - Another part of staff that is higher up.

Owner - The creator of the Server.

Normal World / Creative World Rules

Rules in red mean you will be automatically banned.

[b]- Don’t ask staff constantly to change time.

  • No advertisement.
  • Respect staff authority.
  • Don’t ask staff for a promotion.
  • No Griefing.
  • No spamming.
  • No hacked clients.
  • No excessive vulgar or offensive language.
  • Don’t type in CAPS on chat.[/b]

Hardcore World Rules

  • Griefing is Allowed, if using a Faction, use them wisely.
  • Do not use LWC in Hardcore, doing this will get you Temp. Banned for 1 Day.
  • We will not protect any protections in Hardcore, so use Factions! If you do ask, you will be jailed for 15 minutes.
  • PvP is allowed in Hardcore, so use Factions so other people cannot hurt you in your Faction.


A lot of these are subject to change.


[b]grecco1 (XMB_grecco1) - $30.17
Sunkist0 - $5.00
tcthebear - $15.00
the1234boss - $20.00

Total Donations - $70.17[/b]

Donation Details

If you like the server, feel free to donate. Just contact me or another Staff Member and we will contact you back furthermore.
Doing this will get you VIP / VIP+ Rank.

VIP Features:

• VIP Usergroup w/ a Dark Blue-ish color
• Special Permissions such as NoCheat free bypass; meaning you will be able to fly, run fast, etc.
• Ability to change Nickname.
• Ability to change Nickname Color.
• $15,000 In game money

w/ all of the other commands you get with Builder.

VIP+ Features:

• VIP Usergroup w/ a Pink / Magenta color
• Special Permissions
• $100,000 In game money
• Ability to use Creative outside of the Creative World.
• Ability to Clear your Inventory; very useful in the Creative World.
• Other great Features!


• VIP - $5.00
• VIP+ - $15.00

Why Should I Donate?

You can donate for the server and only the server, doing this will allow me and my fellow Staff members to make slight changes to the server by upgrading slots, upgrading RAM, and many more things. The cool thing about donating is that if you donate $5 you get VIP and if you donate $15 you get VIP+. You will get the things I said above. But you don’t have to, it’s totally up to you!

Hopefully you can donate!

For Protection

When building, please put a Green Wool Polygon around it so we can protect it. Doing that will insure that you do not get griefed by anyone. And if you do, the appropriate actions will be taken. It will just help you and us out. If you do this in Hardcore, no actions will be taken, if your House / Creation is griefed in Survival or Creative, the appropriate actions will be taken.

It’s a good sever and its fun! :smiley:

Can I haz teh staff pl0x?

Mineraft name: mattrules17

Please try to join now and if it says you need to be whitelisted please tell me so I can fix it!

I just joined it. :thumbsup:

Hmmmmm… Or Die. Beats all.

Hope your server lasts a long time! :anguished: Very stressful during updates… But good luck!

My server is now up and running. Plug - ins are good, and digging/building is good.

It will probably never compete with Wesley’s server, but it is worth a shot, join if youd like!

Server IP:

I will be updating staff after school today.

Have fun!

Am playing Pav, name is FibonKylix :wink:

funny how they the ask for staff haha. oh and it looks good so far pavman.

Pav i apply for mod, i can work with plugins build, tell dem *****s what to do

I would like to be a moderator.

I have experience in running servers, Bukkit Plugins, and discipline.

I also, need something to do other than browse this forum all day and this will be my main priority.

Please, consider it.

Thank you for reading this appeal.

Can you send me your minecraft.jar i have the 1.9 and i want to de-grade to play with you =D thanks

Edit - Dont matter i found one of youtube


I added new staff, some people that said add for staff did not post your usernames, post again so I will know.


Meh < 3

Add me =D Jackm4372 i made it when alpha was out

Great server. Many nice houses, Its’ well set up :wink:

My MC Name is DrewCydia

^ that.
I can’t type my own appeal right now, getting ready to go off to my father’s house.
Minecraft name is SarunTheLunatic.

pavman there is enough staff for now. please dont add any more.